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Acute-Traumatic Information Processing (A-TIP) Consultation

$100 for one hour
$90/hr for 5-9 hours per month
$80/hr 10+ hours per month  


Includes Travel within 30 miles, additional fee for travel 

Individual/Couples Consultation


Due prior to or at appointment

Now Accepting Anthem BC/BS Insurance and PCHP. 

If your insurance is out of network, you will receive a superbill to submit to your out of pocket maximum.

HSA funds can be utilized

Individual Intensive Consultation


Due prior to  or at appointment

One 90 minute session, a 15-20 minute break, and another 90 minute session. 

Scheduled on a weekend and great for Responders who want to save time and get better, quicker

EMDR Consultation



$90 for one hour of consultation
$350 ($70 per hour) pays for 5 hours of consultation
$650 ($65 per hour) pays for 10 hours of consultation
$900 ($60 per hour) pays for 15 hours of consultation
$120/group consultation for up to 8 clinicians  

Department Training

Contact for Pricing 


Trauma and Resiliency Training: to support staff in understanding trauma and how to practice self-care. 

Critical Incident Desensitization Protocol (CIDP):  peer training to be able to mitigate the long term effects of trauma using eye movement. 

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)


For clinical support for peer team debriefings after a critical incident.

Includes travel within 30 miles,